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Self-managed pOstello

A bit of history

Years ago, some of us began to think of the possibilty to self-manage and self-organize a place to host people. A place to where people passing through the city can find ideas, relationships, and much more.
Three years after eviction of the Metropolix, we have revived the project. Trying to learn from what has happened in these years and to adapt it to how we have changed.
Around the corner, in the PergolaMove, in via della Pergola 5, people have found relationships and a place to stay for years. A place to live and to dream, and from june 1st, 2004 you will find a new hostel in the "Isola" neighbourhood, on the first floor of the house of PergolaMove.
We think that freedom of movement for people and knowledge is one of the crucial elements to build a plural and multiethnical metropolis, a city rich in many ways and able to build communities respecting and thriving in their differences. The type of place where we would like to live.
Come visit us when you pass through Milan, just to chat a bit about the project we are creating, even if you don't spend the night.


The hostel is on the first floor of the house in via della Pergola 5, in the "Isola" neighbourood. You will find 5 rooms with 4 to 8 beds each, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a fridge to keep your food, a safe place for your valuables, and a small laundry room.
One of the big advantages of "il pOstello" is to staying in a multifunctional space like PergolaMove. Where besides from staying in the the hostel you will be able to have a club offering great music every weekend, a free internet cafe, as well as other places to have a good dinner or a healthy meal at a low cost.
The relationships between the various projects in PergolaMove is without any doubt the most interesting feature of "il pOstello".


"Il pOstello" is in via della Pergola 5, in Isola neighbourhood in Milan, within the PergolaMove social space 15 minutes a walk from the center, in one of the better connected and more human areas of the city.
From "pOstello" you will be able to reach every part of Milan and the outskirts by train, tram, bus, underground, bikes and on foot.


"Il pOstello" is open for everybody. What we are interested into is the relationships that can spring among the people passing through the city and not their identity or their way of life.
The only limit we have is the respect we demand of others and of their freedom.


The Hostel is open everyday, 24 hours a day. After midnight you will have to ring to be received and get to your room at the hostel. The hostel opens on june 1st, 2004 and is not going to be closed ever ever again :)

How much?

"Il pOstello" costs 10 euros a night. Payment is in advance and you will have to leave the room by noon of the following day.
We ask you to understand from the beginnning that the hostel is self-managed and self-financed and totally not for profit, so please don't ask us for the impossiable or give us a hard time when we can't give it to you.
You can only stay at the hostel for 10 days, but people working at the hostel can decide otherwise on a case by case basis.